Welcome to "Road Back to You" Online study.

My name is Tracy Davis and I will be your facilitator for this semester. Thank you so much for joining us here before we begin this Journey. This space is for you. It's a safe space for us to come together, share and support one another as we embark on this journey together over the next 10 weeks.

I am also here to guide and support you so if you need any specific help with the study, finding things or personal support, tag me on your post or comment by typing my name and hitting enter when you see my Facebook account pop up.

🎥 As your next step, I invite you to shoot an Introduction Video so that you can say hello to the group in 2 min or less answering these 3 points below:

1️⃣️ Your name

2️⃣️ Your favorite food

3️⃣️ What you desire to transform in your life through this Journey

I hope you are excited to get started. This is a powerful course and we are looking forward to hearing how it transforms your Journey with God in all of the categories we will explore together.

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